Re: Coup de blues

Posté par Anonyme le 31/10/2004 21:06:35
Hi R&B (and other co-workers of this site),

[Sorry it's an english post]

I can imagine your frustration about the non-response to your requests etc... but i don't think it's a typical WD-users state of mind.

For example: What do you think about the creators of the PDFCreator printer driver? How many people downloaded this driver and how many people really contributed to it ... ?
I think the % is less then the % of WD-users contributing to this site.

How many WD users? 20000?
How many on the different forums asking questions? 2000?
How many are responding to a question? 200?
How many are really active in the WD world ? 20?

It's just a question of numbers and it is everywhere the same

I hope you keep on doing the good work, maybe once you will be rewarded, maybe never, but anyway you've got some fun and learned something out of it ...


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