wdForge and how to go on ?
Stagiaire WDF
16/12/2002 23:23
De Rotterdam
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Sorry, but i will post in English although i understand and write/speak French (my third language), and that i have read some strange post about someone who is 'angry' with the English language, well ...

But OK , i do not want to make ennemies already with my first post on this forum .

I like the wdForge idea but i think that with the idea of creating a clMSO (MS Office class) you taking to much on your shoulders.

MSOffice, with all the products and versions, it is almost impossible to put it in a set of (sub)classes (i never saw it anyway, not in Delphi nor VB or any other ...) and it is going to be hell of a job specially where apparently there are not very much developers for the moment who are there for to help programming, testing ...

I think that with just taking a part of MSOffice (Word, Excel, Powerpoint ...) there is already a big job to do.

Personally i am most interested in MSOutlook or eventual MSWord altough at home i work with OpenOffice and Pegasus as email client but most of our clients uses MsOffice products. So at work we have to follow this, but mind you, even with a 'simple' MSWord merge OLE automation program there can be different problems depending on Office/OS/Language... version.

I will not take initiatives in this project or help with the administrative part but i will be glad to contribute as a developer and/or take part in discussions about 'wdForge and how to go on ?'


(BTW this site has a lot of information but for a simple developer as i am, it is not as simple as it could be ...
I am logged in, but wondering how this posting is going to look like ... ))

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Re: wdForge and how to go on ?
Animateur WDF
26/06/2002 16:24
De wdforge.org
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Hi Peter ! Nice to read you !
I'll reply in original langage for automatic translation convenience. Never mind about non english readers, I think what was told is better a way not to write/read errors than angryness.

You're rigth about the office project... if it's simply thought in a vba to wd ole translation. But as allways, i've got a simple idea in mind to let us going around it.
This projet could be a how-to to simply execute simple orders (opening/saving docs, transmitting datas). Then can we try to create a macro text parsing engine to execute registered macros.

But, I'm still fighting with cvs administration as my admin workstation is behind a firewall and it makes things a bit harder.

I'll post here news as soon as i'll be ready to invite devs is wdforge projects.

For wdforge.org use, work will be done on how-to use it.
We're still working around a way to offer good presentation... with less work (time !).
Sorry i forgot this part... thanks for the advice !
(for forum posts you've got Previsualiser link to preview your post.


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Contact, CV.
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